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Hull Services

*Inspection of Fiberglass, steel, aluminum and wooden hull vessels for structure and integrity using hand tools, moisture meters, ultrasound and sound sensor equipment.


Steel and aluminum structure depletion measurements

  • Hull potential measurements for stray current activities and systems bonding.
  • Leak detection at hatches, portlights and perforations.
  • Sailing vessel inspections of deck hardware, rig, sails and running rigging.
  • Vessel deck and hull core inspection

Mechanical Services

  • Engine and Machinery
    • Infrared detection for hot areas, leaks and performance issues
    • Ultrasound detection for vacuum and pressure leaks
    • Optic sensor analysis of rotating components for slip, vibration and timing
    • Chemical and die leak detection of various lubrication fluids
    • Flow testing of cooling water systems for proper levels of pressure
    • Stroboscopic vibration source investigation with accelerometer and adjustable strobe tools
    • Electronic cylinder balance testing of real time running propulsion and generation engines
    • Split beam Laser alignment of shafts, sheaves, engines and auxiliary equipment
    • Sound sensor measurements of Decibel levels
    • Gas and fume detection.
    • Computer diagnosis of EFI and MPI engines
    • Generator loading characteristics and frequency measurements
  • Special Service
    • Digital Telemetry Gauging of actual engine power production by measurement of torque into propeller shaft.

Systems Services

  • Air Conditioner output and efficiency.
  • VHF power output by Signal Wave Ratio
  • Exhaust systems analysis of back pressure
  • Battery load testing and charger performance
  • Fuel systems inspections and modifications to current code
  • Vessel wiring inspections
  • On board desalination systems inspection
  • Stabilizer function inspection
  • Thruster and windless function and cable loading inspections
  • Special Service
    • Mold sampling and air handling equipment upgrading with Air Scrubbing Installations.