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Marine Forensic Technicians, Stevensville, Maryland - James R. (Randy) Renn, SAMS® AMS® Marine Surveyors
Stevensville, Maryland

James R. (Randy) Renn, SAMS® AMS®
Principal Marine Surveyor
Damage & Insurance Loss Specialist

Worldwide Service

Services We Perform
Hull Services;

*Inspection of Fiberglass, steel, aluminum and wooden hull vessels for structure and integrity using hand tools, moisture meters, ultrasound and sound sensor equipment.

Steel and aluminum structure depletion measurements.

  • Hull potential measurements for stray current activities and systems bonding.
  • Leak detection at hatches, portlights and perforations.
  • Sailing vessel inspections of deck hardware, rig, sails and running rigging.
  • Vessel deck and hull core inspection

Mechanical Services:
  • Engine and Machinery
  1. Infrared detection for hot areas, leaks and performance issues
  2. Ultrasound detection for vacuum and pressure leaks
  3. Optic sensor analysis of rotating components for slip, vibration and timing
  4. Chemical and die leak detection of various lubrication fluids
  5. Flow testing of cooling water systems for proper levels of pressure
  6. Stroboscopic vibration source investigation with accelerometer and adjustable strobe tools
  7. Electronic cylinder balance testing of real time running propulsion and generation engines
  8. Split beam Laser alignment of shafts, sheaves, engines and auxiliary equipment
  9. Sound sensor measurements of Decibel levels
  10. Gas and fume detection.
  11. Computer diagnosis of EFI and MPI engines
  12. Generator loading characteristics and frequency measurements
  • Special Service
    Digital Telemetry Gauging of actual engine power production by measurement of torque into propeller shaft.

Systems Services:
  1. Air Conditioner output and efficiency.
  2. VHF power output by Signal Wave Ratio
  3. Exhaust systems analysis of back pressure
  4. Battery load testing and charger performance
  5. Fuel systems inspections and modifications to current code
  6. Vessel wiring inspections
  7. On board desalination systems inspection
  8. Stabilizer function inspection
  9. Thruster and windless function and cable loading inspections
  • Special Service
    Mold sampling and air handling equipment upgrading with Air Scrubbing Installations.

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